Women Fight For Menstrual Products

By Alycia Maciel

An ongoing fight for the last 175 years, the battle to make improvements in school and the workforce for women has been fought by activists across the country. Recently great strides have been made thanks to their efforts. The most recent bill that has been passed in favor of the women rights movements is the Assembly Bill-367. 

This bill is now requiring all public schools that serve students in grades six through twelve, Community Colleges, and California State Universities to provide menstruation products in their bathrooms. The provided products will include regular tampons and maxi pads, distributed in at least half of the women bathrooms on campus. These products are free and will stay stocked as long as school is in session. This bill was created and passed to recognize access to menstruation products as a fundamental need and is putting thousands of California kids’ health and dignity before anything else.

What does this mean for women? This is just one step in the right direction for all women,  girls, non-binary, and transgender people. The Director of the Santa Clara Office of Women’s Policy, Division of Equity and Social Justice Protima Pandey said, “California can lead the nation in ensuring that we can finally de-stigmatize menstruation and move towards a framework of equity that includes the needs of menstruating individuals.” This is the goal the women’s rights movement has been working towards and will continue to fight for. 

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