Best Places to Enjoy Food in Napa CA

By Beau Cline

Napa, California is well renowned for its great wine industry, but under that vail you’ll find tons of  places to go out and enjoy some great food.

1. The Ruthford grill 

Number one on this list has to be The Rutherford Grill. Here you’ll find food that perfectly fits the 4.6 stars on Google. They serve American food that tastes great with good prices on top. If you love ribs, amazing dips, and all around great food you’ll love the Rutherford grill.

2. Taqueria Rosita 

Taqueria Rosita is a family owned Mexican restaurant founded in 1984.  Here You’ll find great authentic Mexican food right off the first street. It’s got great service and food that tastes like your grandma made it in the back. If you’re down on first street be sure to stop by and try out some of their food.

3. Gott’s Roadside

Founded in 1999 Gott’s Roadside has a modern approach on American roadside style foods, serving a california inspired menu. Gotts takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients for all their meals, ranging from seafood to burgers. If you’re just looking to grab a drink before going downtown, Gott’s also has you covered with their wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.

4. Heritage eats

After spending years traveling the world trying different cultures, founders, Ben & Ali decided to bring comfort foods from all around the world here to Napa, in Heritage eats. You’ll find these comfort foods with their own little Norcal twist like the Texas steak bowl, and the Thai Fry. 

5. Squeeze Inn Hamburgers

Squeeze inn hamburgers is your classic greasy burger parlor with a little twist. Instead of your regular boring american cheese, Squeeze inn hamburgers burns a big slice of cheese and slaps in on there creating the ultimate burger. Squeeze inn Hamburgers has been serving these delicious burgers for over 30 years. Come grab a bite at this Nor Cal exclusive spot.

Next time you’re passing through Napa wine country, come stop by one of the many amazing restaurants they have.

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