Netflix Branching into New Territories

By Lawson Murphy

Netflix has acquired streaming rights for many new shows recently, some of which are coming in the next month or so. In the oncoming years Netflix may become one of, if not, the biggest overseas streaming service. In the past they’ve acquired many shows that were being fought over for years. 

Some of the shows being fought for with other companies were overseas shows. They mainly come out on top because their company has the most money. In the very recent past, it has acquired shows like Vinland Saga and added it to their collection.

In the last week though, it has acquired 13 new popular titles from Nippon TV, a Japanese company. Some of the new titles are widely known and loved while some aren’t. Now that Netflix has the rights to these shows, they can choose if they want to make new adaptations for them.

Some of the shows they’ve acquired include Berserk 1997 adaptation, Monster, Death Note as well as others. The acquired shows can branch out the stories and create entirely new media with long gone shows.

By obtaining a few shows, they have the ability to make many new adaptations of widely loved shows, which will gain them lots of money. This was a good decision for them because it brings joy to lifelong fans of these shows that have wanted something new for awhile. They can start anew and spread out the story much farther than it has ever gone before. 

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