New PAC Group Formed to Campaign Against Anti-LGBTQ+ Candidates

By Hannah Lozada

A recently formed political group named Agenda Political Action Committees (PAC) is planning to campaign against anti-LGBTQ+ candidates. The purpose of a PAC group is to use and raise money to potentially elect or take down political candidates. Agenda PAC is planning to “fight back and stop” individuals who are taking away their basic human right to choose and love.

Ted Bordelon, political communication strategist, created the group and is the executive director of Agenda PAC. The group was created because of the increase of anti-LGBTQ+ laws and the lack of people opposing them. Unlike other groups that mainly focus on helping LGBTQ+ candidates win elections, Agenda PAC focuses on campaigning against hostile anti-LGBTQ+ politicians. Another reason for the creation of Agenda PAC is the overturning of Roe v. Wade, leading Justice Clarence Thomas to suggest that same-sex marriage should be “reconsidered.”

According to Politico, Agenda PAC plans to target anti-LGBTQ+ candidates from the Republican House, specifically Doug Mastriano, who serves in the Pennsylvania Senate and is a member of the Republican Party.

In May, Mastriano won the GOP Primary, which gave him the authority to become the governor of Pennsylvania. While giving a speech on his first day as a governor, he stated that, “You may only use the restroom that correlates with your biology and anatomy.” Mastriano also states that same-sex couples shouldn’t have adoption rights and marriage rights. He also doesn’t approve of transgender women who are competing in women’s sports.

Agenda PAC is planning on earning enough money to campaign against Doug Mastriano. Once they have campaigned against him, they will target other representatives in the U.S. House.

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