10 Things You Can Do After Turning 18

By Paige Duane

Turning eighteen is a major milestone in the life of all teenagers. Once a person reaches this age, they are legally considered  an adult. With it comes a lot of responsibilities, both financial and legal. But outside of the ability to vote, what privileges do eighteen years of life unlock? Here’s seven activities that you can do after having your eighteen birthday:

  1.  Get a tattoo

Many people enjoy having full freedom to customize their bodies with tattoos. After turning eighteen, you can get a tattoo without needing parental consent.

  1. Skydive

While skydiving may seem daunting to most, over 39,412 people go skydiving every year. This may be a fun thing to do if you’re an adrenaline junkie or avid risk taker. 

  1. Buy a pet

From goldfish to chinchillas, you can bring home any furry friend you want!

  1. Buy a lottery ticket

The odds of winning the lottery are less than the likelihood of being struck by lightning, however taking your chances and buying a ticket still makes for a fun, suspenseful activity. After all, somebody has to win!

  1. Be called for jury

Now, jury duty may sound like a boring affair. But think about it: you get paid to listen in on legal drama. Plus, lunch is free.

  1. Rent a bird scooter

That’s right! At eighteen, you can finally rent an electric scooter so that you can cruise around town in style.

  1. Book a hotel room

For all of your vacation or business trip needs, you can book and stay at a hotel room without an adult.

  1. Create a will

Do you have any relatives that get on your nerves? By creating your will, you can ensure that they don’t receive any of your fortune post-mortem. 

  1. Buy spray paint

Great for art projects or diy endeavors, spray paint becomes available for you to purchase after turning eighteen. Make sure to use it responsibly! 

  1. Change your name 

Get creative and change your name to whatever you want! As long as it doesn’t contain any offensive language, you have complete freedom when it comes to selecting a name for yourself.

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