The Owl House Season 3 Date Has Been Announced, But Fans Are Angry About The Choices That Led To This Final Season

By Comet Ziemer

The hit Disney show, The Owl House, has just announced its third and final season! But though the show is returning, fans are angry about Disney’s involvement with the show ending.

The Owl House was released in January 2020, and it has since released 2 seasons. The story follows Luz Noceda, an outcast human girl who never seems to find a place where she belongs. Her mom tries to send her to a summer camp to shape her up and make her more “normal”. But when Luz walks through a magical door and enters a magical realm of witches and demons, she decides that she will be the most powerful witch ever!

The show, created by Dana Terrace, has become increasingly popular with cartoon loving people and has gained a mass following all over the world. The show has especially become more popular with its involvement in LGBTQ+ topics in the show.

However, because of the themes with the LGBTQ+ community that the show covers, there has been much criticism that has faced the show since it premiered. Many people have stated that themes associated with the LGBTQ+ community do not belong in children’s entertainment because it is deemed “inappropriate” for children. The show became a hot topic for conversation when the show presented Luz to have romantic feelings for another girl, named Amity.

Disney has come under fire in the past for canceling The Owl House in early October of 2021 and causing the show to have a shortened Season 3. Instead of the usual 19-22 episode season, The Owl House is producing three 44 minute specials in October 2022. Many have speculated that the show was canceled due to its LGBTQ+ representation. However, Terrace stated in a Reddit post that the main reason for the cancellation was branding issues.

The Owl House became a threat to Disney branding when Disney had to start cutting and censoring major plot points and information about the show because of the many LGBTQ+ themes. In the Taiwanese dub of the show, a confession scene between Luz and Amity in which they became a romantic couple, was changed to have them just ask to “dress up and travel” with each other.

English Version:

Taiwanese Version:

Many fans of The Owl House took to Twitter and other social media and started the hashtag “Save The Owl House” to show their support for the show. And though the fan base has done everything they possibly could to show Disney they want the series to stay, it seems that this unfortunate end is inevitable.

Many of Disney’s social media accounts have made multiple tweets ever since the Luz and Amity relationship became canon. They seem to be showing support for the relationship but many fans have stated that if they truly were supportive, they would let the show continue to its best extent. Neither Terrace nor a Disney social media account have stated anything about the mixed emotions fans are getting.

Nevertheless, The Owl House is a widely loved and groundbreaking show that is a gate opener for LGBTQ+ representation in children’s media. Many hope that there will be more shows like The Owl House in the future for children to watch and learn from. But for now, we will watch as this beloved show comes to an end.

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