Protests Erupt In Iran After Mahsa Amini’s Death

By Caleb Rippee

On September 13th, 22 year old Mahsa Amini, was arrested by the Iranian morality police for allegedly wearing her headscarf too loosely.

This all took place in Tehran, where Amini was visiting. And while she was there, she was arrested for (allegedly) violating Iran’s law on hijabs, particularly the law stating that all women (regardless of nationality or religion) are required to wear them in public. 

Iranian security forces claimed that Amini was taken to a detention center upon her arrest. It was at that same detention center where she collapsed from a supposed heart attack. She died on September 16th in a Tehran hospital.

Despite the authorities’ claim that the cause of death was heart failure, many witnesses, including family members, claimed that Amini was beaten in the patrol car on the way to the detention center. Amini’s father claims he was not allowed to see his daughter’s body in the hospital but saw a glimpse of her foot, which he claimed was badly bruised. 

Additionally, reports indicate that the cause of death was a skull fracture from heavy blows. You can also see in the image of her in the hospital, bleeding from her right ear. Doctors claimed after initial examination that Amini had suffered a stroke and was brain dead at the same time. This contradicts the police force’s earlier statement that the death was due to heart failure. 

The people of Tehran took to the streets immediately after learning of Amini’s death, protesting and chanting anti-regime slogans. Protests have eventually spread to over 80 cities and are still spreading. 

Due to this, however, the government has deployed many security forces to stop the protests. Tear gas and firearms have been used to silence protestors. Many of which have been injured, at least 17 have been killed. While it is impossible to tell what might become of this situation, it is certain that anti-regime sentiment in Iran has been spreading like wildfire.

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