Sharknado May Be A Myth; But Shark Hurricanes Are Not 

By Corey Bennett

Sure a shark flying inside of a hurricane and a guy wielding a chainsaw to kill the shark is not real. However, sharks on main roads and highways are. Storms in Florida are a norm and fish coming into the mainland and roads is common due to flooding. Sharks being in this water should not be so normal, and could possibly be dangerous to the public. 

Photos have always been floating around after storms with sharks being in the water on public roads. Are any of these photos real though? Shark hoaxes have been around since 2011 and many have either shared these photos around out of confusion. As others just laugh it off as a joking meme. However recent footage has been taken showing a shark swimming on a street in Fort Myers, FL. After this video went through multiple news companies, everyone started confirming that this video was real.

Could this video be proof that sharks are invading public roads? Could sharks being on land be a threat to the public? These are both great questions, however only one answer. Now, not only do we have to worry about the hurricanes, but we have to worry about walking on flooded streets. Freaking out or trying to run would intrigue the shark causing it to attack. Walking away from the shark calmly or maybe even just standing still would cause the shark to get bored or just ignore you all together. Though these sharks are now coming onto the street, we should not be scared. This is a very rare occurrence and most of the time they are just small sharks, maybe only 10 feet in length. 

Though Sharknados and shark hurricanes are not real, you should carry a chainsaw with you at all times. You never know when a shark might come flying at you. 

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