Four Disney Movies that Deserve Live Action Adaptations

By Paige Duane

With the re-releases of classic movies such as Mulan, Cinderella, the Lion King, and the Little Mermaid, Disney has entered an era of live action remakes. Though reviews of these movies have been mixed, ranging from raving to lukewarm, the company continues to churn out live action adaptations at an accelerating rate. However, in its haste to capitalize off of its prior successes, Disney has neglected several of its properties that have the potential to be smash hits in live action. Here’s a list of four movies that Disney lovers are eager to see return to the big screen.

4. “Donald Gets Drafted

If this movie sounds unfamiliar to you, you aren’t alone. Released in 1942, “Donald Gets “Drafted” was published as propaganda promoting the US army during World War 2. In this 9 minute cartoon, Donald Duck undergoes a screening process and is drafted into the military. Its timeless values of patriotism and unquestioning belief in one’s country holds up especially well in modern times, making it an ideal candidate for a live action adaptation. Many fans of the original cartoon would be thrilled to see America’s favorite duck join the military in high resolution CGI.

3. “Cinderella 2

Overshadowed by the original and lacking in the comedic elements present in its successor, this direct to DVD sequel is widely regarded as a shameless cash grab capitalizing on the success of the first Cinderella. For this reason, it would fit right in with the other unnecessary live action installments that exist solely to make profit off of pre-existing content. 

2. “Minions: Rise of Gru

Delving into complex topics such as morality, self-purpose, and destiny, “Minions: Rise of Gru” is a subversive masterpiece. Detailing the the tale a young boy struggling to prove his worth amongst established villains, “Minions: Rise of Gru” is a touching coming of age story. From the heartwarming minions, to the tear jerking funeral scene, this film resonates deeply with viewers of all ages. Just imagine seeing Gru unleashing his inner villainy portrayed by a live action actor. 

1. “Cars” 

Arguably one of the best animated movies of all time, “Cars” was received with critical acclaim after it was released. With its lovable characters and amazing soundtrack, the film was adored by audiences worldwide. Sixteen years have passed since its premiere and fans are eager for more “Cars” content. Much speculation has been made about who should be cast in each role in the event that a live action adaptation is made. One fan proposed that Tow Mator should be portrayed by a Subaru Forester. This was met with outrage from other members of the fanbase who felt that wouldn’t be faithful to the source material. Regardless, most are in agreement that a live action film is long overdue.

Hopefully, Disney considers recreating the magic of these original films by making them live action movies. With the speed at which they are currently releasing live actions, there is a definite chance that they will resort to remaking these movies in order to continue making profits without generating original content. With any luck, these underrated classics will once again grace the big screen and a new generation of fans for these films will be born.

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