Twitch Streamer Throws Away Over $300,000

By Lawson Murphy

A streamer on twitch going by the name of Sliker has admitted to scamming people for over $300,000. Over the span of a few years he acquired this large sum of money. Sliker is a well known YouTuber and Twitch streamer which is how he scammed this money out of people. 

The reason why he scammed is all because of gambling; it is well known now that Sliker has a gambling addiction. He actually gambled away these peoples money on stream of course without too many people knowing too much until now. His victims were mainly his loyal viewers but as well as his fellow streamers and his own friends. He scammed another well known streamer Ludwig for over $20,000.

This isn’t the first time he’s been caught in a scandal but it is the first time it was this widespread and to this extent. It has been confirmed that he’s scammed hundreds of people, most of which he never paid back. The reason he needed the money was because all his earnings from his streaming and YouTube videos were all gambled away as well.

He admitted to the scamming on a stream acting as if he was ashamed. It was clear in the stream he didn’t feel any shame whatsoever and was just unhappy that he was caught. After the fact he has lost all his twitch affiliate funds and any brands that have invested in him. 

Although most people lost tons of money, well known streamers XQC, Mizkif, and Ludwig have been contacting and paying back a lot of the fans that were scammed. As well as Slicker’s reputation being destroyed he may face legal consequences from his actions.

He would randomly contact his fans and beg for money and make up a fake story about how he needed a little help and would pay them back later. It got to the point where he had a script for the scam that he would use. He also involved his moderators in the scam both by scamming them as well and making them help him by scouting out new people that he could take money from.

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