What Makes You Smile?

By Corey Bennett

The long awaited movie Smile was finally released on September 30th, and boy is it terrifying. From the creepy smiles to brutal deaths this movie checks all of the boxes when it comes to being both psychological horror and gore. The director (Parker Finn) takes us through a wild journey of a demon or spirit type creature that spreads among people slowly making them go insane before their inevitable death. How does this thing spread you may ask? By the trauma that these people have experienced in their past. 

We are introduced to Dr. Rose Cotter (Rosie Bacon) from the instant the movie starts one of her patients brutally kills herself in front of Rose. This evil spirit immediately hooks onto Rose. Rose’s patient (Caitlin Stasey) was first hooked with the evil spirit and says “It looks like people, but it’s not a person,” she tries to explain to Rose. Just four days before Laura was in Rose’s care, she was a witness to her professor bludgeoning himself brutally with a hammer while smiling. 

From the start of the movie you know that Rose is going to inevitably die, you just are waiting for it. You watch as she slowly falls into deep paranoia and is scared of everything she sees and does not know what to believe. This thing slowly takes control of their mind, making them see these very realistic hallucinations to the extent that neither the character or audience knows if it’s real or not. Driving the stakes higher as the movie develops, leaving the watcher just as clueless as Rose, creating a truly terrifying experience. 

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