Midnights Album Release News and Predictions

By Paige Duane

The release week of Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” has arrived and the singer has a plethora of surprises in store for her fans. Spontaneously dropping a calendar of events for the days following the release of her album, Taylor Swift revealed that she has multiple music videos, several talk show appearances, and a “special, very chaotic surprise” planned. Stirring up feelings of both excitement and anxiety, listeners everywhere prepare themselves for five upcoming “sleepless nights”. 

For those in the Pacific time zone, “Midnights” comes out at 9:00 pm on Thursday October 20th. It includes thirteen original songs that tell the story of the highs and lows of Swift’s career. After the initial release, there are two more drops coming early the following morning. The first is going to be the “VERY chaotic” surprise announcement which will be made at midnight PST. No details are known about what this surprise could be at this time. Fans have speculated that this could mean anything from a tour announcement to Swift revealing the next album she plans to recrecord. 

Five hours later, the music video for her single “Anti-Hero” will be released. According to the singer, the track is one of her “favorite songs” that she has ever written. Its lyrics will delve into the insecurities she felt throughout her career as she struggled to come to terms with her life becoming “unmanageable sized”. Hopefully, the music video will further express the honesty she aims to divulge within the song.  

On the following Monday, she is scheduled to appear on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. During her time on the show, she will discuss the songwriting process for the album and provide viewers some insight into the true meaning behind the songs. She will also be performing one of her new songs live, although the song selection has not yet been confirmed. That evening at 9:00 pm PST after her appearance on the show, a second music video will be released. The song that will be used for the video is unknown for now.

The week of “Midnights Mayhem” comes to a conclusion with Swift Appearing on the Graham Norton Show. A performance on the show is yet to be confirmed, though it is likely one will take place.

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