Shooting at UC Berkeley Critically Injures Three and Kills One

By Lawson Murphy

On October 8th in the early hours there was a shooting very near to UC Berkeley. Four were reported as hit in the shooting. So far only one of the four has been confirmed dead; the other three are in critical condition. The man killed has been identified as 29 year old Isamaeli (Eli) Mata’afa who was in the Master of Divinity Program at Berkeley.

The ages of the other victims in the shooting are 22, 24, and 28 all of whom have not been identified yet. It is believed that the reason the shooting occured is because of a fight that occurred earlier that night. The reason for the fight has not been identified but investigators are actively looking into it.

It is not yet determined whether the men were the intended targets or not. More than likely at least half of the men hit were not involved in the fight beforehand because of how many shots were fired it was inevitable for innocent bystanders to be hit.

The destruction caused by how many shots were fired was very easily shown by the destruction of the buildings and vehicles surrounding the crime scene. There may be video footage of the shooting that has been found but it is not confirmed yet. 

For now the shooters are still unknown and justice has not yet been served for Isamaeli and the remaining victims which might die as well.

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