Is Cheese Foam Worth The Taste In Drinks?

By Dominic Hernandez

Have you heard or seen cheese foam? Cheese foam would be a great new add into drinks. Cheese foam is a salted whipped cream cheese topping that adds a slightly savory flavor to your sweetened boba tea which creates the perfect salty-sweet balance. It is a mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream, and milk. Salted cheese tea is a new trend, trendy among boba tea drinkers. If you ever had milk tea, or boba tea, you are familiar with its sweet, often-creamy flavor profile, enjoyed in flavors like matcha, ube or Thai tea. 

Now imagine topping that with an inch-thick layer of what is essentially a cheesecake smoothie heavily spiked with salt, and you have an idea of what you’d get if you ordered salted cheese tea instead. This came from the vendors of Taiwan where it started with powdered cheese whipped into milk and topped with a sprinkle of salt. 

If bought, most vendors would ask you to not stir the tea at all due to the layers already applied to the drink. This would ensure that each mouthful gets an equal amount of sweet beverage and gooey, marshmallow like topping. This would have to include the cartoonish oversized straws you get for slurping up the little jewel-like tapioca boba balls at the bottom of the cup.

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