British Prime Minister to Resign After 6 Weeks in Office

By Tara Thompson

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the lettuce that outlasted the Prime Minister, but you may not know what actually caused her to step down so early. Truss’s resignation came after several weeks of political chaos during which she abandoned most of her economic policies. 

After her attempt to roll out aggressive tax, Liz Truss’ poll ratings plummeted to the lowest ever recorded for a prime minister. Truss even fired Kwasi Kwarteng, a close ally and finance minister even though he was implementing the pro-growth agenda she campaigned on. Eventually, her whole party turned against her. 

Truss was anointed on Sept. 6 to replace Boris Johnson, who was elected by voters in 2019 but had to step down after a series of scandals. Though the general public didn’t elect Truss, she won a leadership contest among members of her Conservative Party.

 As she entered office, the nation was staring down a dreadful economic picture, increased by energy bills that were predicted to jump 80 percent in October and jump again in January. Threatening to send millions, already struggling from inflation, spiraling into severe poverty to the point where they’re unable to even heat or power their own homes.

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