Modern Warfare 2 Might Face Legal Trouble For One of Their Maps

By Dominic Hernandez

A real world place for one of the playable maps for the new Modern Warfare told the company Infinity Ward they do not want their hotel in the game. The manager of The Conservatorium Hotel told Dutch news outlet “De Volksrant” that he does not want “the very distinct building to be the scene of violent gun battles.” The hotel was recently modeled to a more modern era look when the game places the player into the hotel in a destroyed state.

The Conservatorium Hotel is not the only spot in Amsterdam meticulously recreated in Modern Warfare 2. Names and all businesses found in the game have been changed specifically to avoid legal trouble. But calling the place in the game “Breenbergh” clearly wasn’t enough to render the historic building unrecognizable. The hotel owners aren’t happy to see their hotel on fire, riddled with bullets, and covered with corpses. This struck a nerve with Amsterdam residents who don’t want their city depicted as a playground for American soldiers to ride around and shoot up as they see fit. If the Conservatorium does not take the game developer to court, it would be the last of several high-profile lawsuits against Activision in recent years. 

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