Top Ski Resorts in Tahoe, California

By Matthew Selman

Tahoe is one of the most desired ski-locations in the world.  The past few years Tahoe has seen record amounts of snow, paired with the highest level of tourism the county has ever seen. There are a variety of resorts to choose from, each with different trails and park set ups. The consistent flurries throughout the winter season sets up an ideal ski trip for you and your friends. 

Heavenly Resort in Truckee is one of the most popular resorts in Tahoe due to the sheer size of the mountain, variety of trails and park features, and some of the most challenging black diamond runs in the country.  Heavenly gives the opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy their stay. The resort has a comfortable gondola ride to the top of one of the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevadas. From the top you have the option to ski down from the top of the mountain, or ride back down to the bottom. Heavenly is one of the more expensive resorts in Tahoe, but it also has the largest variety of activities and accommodations. The Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster is a small roller coaster type ride that takes you from a ski lift, onto a seat with a seatbelt, back down the mountain. This accommodation is perfect for those who aren’t big fans of skiing or snowboarding. 

For those looking for the best snowboarding experience, Boreal Resort in South Lake Tahoe is the place to go. Boreal is meant for experienced, young riders looking to tear things apart and listen to EDM. While there are a couple of beginner hills, Boreal is not the location to bring your little brother to learn. There are often DJ booths at the top of park features playing music and yelling out tricks people are landing. Almost every week of the season there are competitions you can sign up for to show off your skills, and prizes for those who impress the judges. That’s not all Boreal has to offer though, as there are all kinds of intermediate runs with fun features such as small ramps or kickers for those that want to learn the park side of snowboarding. However, one downside of Boreal is the way the mountain is mapped out. Those who aren’t ready for black diamond runs of massive ramps can get lost pretty quick out there. The ski lifts take all riders to one location on the mountain and the skier has to read multiple signs to ensure they are going on the blue run, instead of an insane black diamond run. 

Northstar Resort is another massive resort in Tahoe, a lot like Heavenly. Northstar has a beautiful hotel right on the slopes, allowing for a unique view on each trail. There are an abundance of beginner hills, each requiring a bit more skill than the last. And for those who have already perfected their skills, there are a variety of back country trails that no other resort has to offer. There is a nice gift shop in the village of Northstar, as well as cozy coffee shops and restaurants. This resort is definitely the one to take your whole family, there are all kinds of things to do for everyone of any age. 

The great thing about skiing in Tahoe is, no matter where you go, you will find good snow, good people, and good times. No place is the same as the other, and each location will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Coming to Tahoe for your next winter adventure will not disappoint, each way you look there is something special nearby. Tahoe will always be one of the best places to book a winter trip. 

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