Black Adam Movie Review

By Kelly Bjornstad

Black Adam, released in theaters October 21st of 2022, has been successful beyond expectation. As lead actor Dwayne Johnson wrote under an Instagram reel filmed during his morning run, ¨And THANK YOU – BLACK ADAM, the #1 movie in the world for 3 WEEKENDS IN A ROW!!! Holy sh*t.¨ The movie, featuring popular figures Dwaye Johnson, Noah Centineo, Pierce Brosnan, Quintessa Swindell, Aldis Hodge, and Sarah Shahi  has exceeded all expectations and shows promising continuation as Henry Cavill reappears as the beloved ¨SuperMan¨ in an end credit. 

If you´re looking for a light hearted, entertaining watch, Black Adam fits your criteria perfectly. The audience follows Black Adam through his revival and fight for peace in his home country Khandaq, located in the Middle East. 5,000 years after Black Adam’s son’s death, he must learn how to be the ¨good  guy¨ and make everything right after destroying civilizations with the rage from his son’s passing, using powers granted to him by a group of wizards who once resided in Khandaq. When writing their own summary and review of Black Adam, The New York Times wrote ¨Johnson floats through scenes with his furiously furrowed brow and an expression stubbornly frozen between consternation and confusion.¨ And, they´re not wrong. Johnson’s undeniably headstrong, slightly grumpy character traits are consistent throughout the movie. 

Black Adam features other classic DC characters like Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. A group of sufficient fighters who, collectively, are able to determine fate and futures, control air, summon whirlwinds, and grow 1,000x the normal human size, with increased superstrength. The team of 5 work almost the entire movie to protect Superhero-Obsessed teen Amon Tomaz and his mother Iris. And when all forces are needed in the skies, this mother and son duo do what they can on the ground like gathering communities, joining defenses, or defeating evil, underworld spawn zombies. 

The objective of the heroes and family alike? To defend the 5,000 year old Crown of Sabboc that once belonged to an evil, violent, tyrannical leader of Kandaq. This is who Black Adam defeated, and was deemed ¨Teth Adam¨ meaning Mighty Human, allowing him to become Black Adam in the first place. But as previously mentioned, Black Adam didn’t exactly know how to handle this newfound power.  Overall, Black Adam is a movie appropriate for all ages, guaranteed to entertain. Whether you agree with the superstar ratings or below average ones, Black Adam will leave you wondering what could possibly be released next, as teased in the end credits.

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