Athlete of the Issue: Donovan Lee

By Riley Pult

Since 6th grade Donovan Lee has been running the field and for the past two years he’s been a part of our football team here at Benicia High School as cornerback. Lee has shown immense growth and promise in his sport. In an interview he stated, “I’ve been playing football for seven seasons” and has “most enjoyed the genuine camaraderie and brotherhood of high school football.” While Benicia struggled this year in football, going 0-5 in league games, the team managed to keep their heads high and so did Donovan.

Lee’s football career isn’t just limited to Drolette Stadium however. He has been given many opportunities to travel with football. Football has taken him “to cities like Atlanta, Las Vegas, Seattle, Phoenix, Arizona and Moscow, Idaho.” Being able to show his skills in front of different coaches and directors has been a wonderful opportunity for him. All this hard work has paid off for Lee as he is planning to continue his athletic career in college. However, he is currently undecided on where. With senior year almost half-way over, we are excited to see where Donovan commits. 

Football hasn’t always been a breeze for Lee though. “A challenge I’ve had to overcome was being considered “too slow” for my position when I first started playing.” Even when there was doubt he managed to rise to the occasion and work to silence those that didn’t believe in him. A big inspiration of his has been the Los Angeles Rams cornerback, Jalen Ramesy. Considering the two play the same position, Lee finds there is a lot to look up to when it comes to Ramsey. 

Even with the high school season at an official close for football, Lee reminisces on the time he spent a part of the team. “My favorite high school football memory was beating Las Lomas in the second round of the playoffs my junior year.” According to Max Preps, Lee average’s 1.2 tackles per game, with a total of 16 tackles in his time as a Panther. In 13 games played he has 5 assists, an interception, and one touchdown. There’s no doubt that Donovan has a promising future and we can’t wait to see where he goes from here. 

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