Beetlejuice The Musical Haunts San Francisco For December

By Comet Ziemer

Award winning musical Beetlejuice has made it to San Francisco, California and has made its presence known at The Golden Gate Theater! Beetlejuice The Musical, directed by Alex Timbers in the original Broadway musical, has been around since October 2018. Since its release, it has become a global sensation and has done a live performance at the Tony Awards in 2019.

Now with Beetlejuice open again on Broadway until 2023, the show has begun to take flight to different locations all across America. Along with The Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco as its first stop! The touring show present’s an entirely new cast and just as much comedy and fright as the original. The tour has Justin Collette staring as our favorite green haired ghost, Beetlejuice! And making her professional debut, we have Isabella Esler co-starring as our favorite strange and unusual girl, Lydia Deetz.

When a show that is as big and popular as Beetlejuice, many are worried that the touring production might not live up to the buildup of the original production. But I can assure you, not only does this live up to the hype, but it gives fans of the beloved show a breath of fresh air and an introduction to a new version of the show. The set designers have made the set to be compatible on small stages and it is genius.

Furthermore, the actors who make up the incredible cast are all so insanely talented and unique. Every actor does an incredible job at portraying the characters they play, and you get fully lost in the story when you watch them. It’s an amazing show to take your family and friends to see this holiday season. So head on into San Francisco and come see the ghost with the most and get ready to have a scarily good time! 

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