Medieval Ship Found in Norway

By Frankie Dulatre

On December 12, researchers found a medieval boat at the bottom of Mjøsa. The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment has been leading a two year mission to find multiple munitions that were dumped there using a remote operated vehicle. When exploring the depths, they discovered the remains of a medieval ship. 

During an observation on the ship, it was revealed that the ship had been built using a Norse technique where the wood would overlap each other. Due to the way the ship was built, it was easier for the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment to identify when the ship had sunk, which was determined to be the Viking Age.

The Norwegian Defense Research Establishment believe there may be more sunken ships at the bottom of Mjøsa, but due to bad weather conditions, they will have to stop exploring and continue next year. 

“We could find vessels from since the beginning of human activity in the area. They could be present, and in good condition,” Ødegård, a senior researcher in marine archaeology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology said. “You can’t rule out anything.”

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