What Food The US Eat During Christmas Time

By Dominic Hernandez  

Do you ever think about what your family should eat during the holiday season? These are some general ideas of foods you can make for your guests or take to another house during the holidays. The concept of this is seasonal winter food to eat during the holidays. 

Christmas morning is all about spending time with family, enjoying a holiday worthy breakfast and brunch, opening presents, and partaking in your cherished holiday traditions (hello Christmas movie marathon!). Starting with old-fashioned pancakes. No breakfast spread is complete without a stack of the best, soft and fluffiest old fashioned pancakes. French toast is a classic light and fluffy, crisp and browned on the edges, and so delicious. Leftover cranberry sauce swirl pound cake is moist and tender with swirls of sauce for a sweet and tangy burst of flavor. Cinnamon apple baked oatmeal, a quick and easy oatmeal topped with a crumble streusel like topping is the best make-ahead breakfast. Having a pumpkin cinnamon roll, soft and fluffy, pumpkin cinnamon rolls are packed with pumpkin, layered with pumpkin spice, and topped with cream cheese icing. It’s the best Christmas breakfast and brunch treat. 

Christmas lunch is like an appetizer to Christmas dinner. After opening gifts, going to church, or visiting family, these food options will be a hit in your household. The first being Cuban sliders. Using King’s Hawaiian bread, ham and cheese, they can be a great cold snack. Merry berry salad consists of dried cranberries, crunchy apple chunks, and toasted almonds dresses up this crisp green salad, and is drizzled with a sweet-tart dressing that’s a snap to blend. Mushroom and onion grilled cheese sandwiches. Having grilled cheese with baby Portobello mushrooms, bacon and cheddar. A big comfort food before Christmas night is great to have.

Christmas dinner, the main food you’ve been waiting for all day. This is a time where you can eat as much as you please. Turkey is an inexpensive main meal that will feed a lot of people. This is perfect for a large Christmas dinner. For a festive flavor use a sweet and spicy turkey glaze. Creamy and buttery mashed potatoes are always a staple at American Christmas dinners. Start with golden potatoes and add plenty of cream and butter. This will give it a smooth, creamy texture. If you want a more sophisticated flavor, add some roasted garlic as well. Along with the turkey and mashed potatoes, you have to have gravy. This is made with the flavoring you got from your cooked turkey. Add some white wine and plenty of fresh herbs for a unique and delicious flavor. Honey glazed Christmas ham is super easy to make, and it is one of the most popular meats to serve at an American Christmas dinner. On the more pricey side you can get a rack of lamb. This is for those Americans that prefer to splurge on food. 

Christmas dessert: these are for the children and sweet lovers of the world. Starting with cookies and fruitcake that you can buy at the store or make on your own. Gingerbread houses: besides having fun in the house making these delicious homes for your little gingerbread people, you can also eat them, but they are mostly made for kids and the young at heart. 

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