Elon Musk Gets Booed Off Bay Area Stage

By Matthew Selman 

Elon Musk has easily been one of the most influential people of the 21st century. He proved critics wrong by creating one of the most popular car companies today, and has gotten the attention of all automakers in the world, who are now trying to replicate his ingenious idea of electric cars. 

Lately, Elon has received attention from the entire world, except this time it wasn’t for an amazing invention. Since purchasing Twitter in October, users are upset with Elons actions, where it seems like he is selling out. People have been extremely outspoken about the changes Elon has made to Twitter. In the 3 months that Elon has owned Twitter, he fired 3700 employees, stock has dropped in not only Twitter, but Tesla as well. It leads some people to wonder why people have lost faith in one of the most beloved billionaires there has been. 

While on stage at the Chase Center in San Francisco, audience members began to boo Elon, so much that he was practically unable to get a word in. Dave Chapelle even had to chime in to end the embarrassing moment. Amongst the boo’s and harsh comments, Elon managed to get one witty comment in, referencing one of Chapelle’s early 2000’s skits saying, “I’m rich b****”  which obviously didn’t bode well for the fans. Elon’s hero agenda seems to be turning into a villain agenda. 

Since the purchase of Twitter, which is headquartered in San Francisco, Elon fired nearly 4000 employees, and reversed the remote work schedule. Employees now had to come in to work on a regular basis. Many Twitter employees moved out of California after learning they would be working remotely in order to save money. Not long after Twitter went fully remote, Elon bought the company. Completely altering the plans for thousands of people, and making millions of people change their minds about Elon Musk.

Whoever the billionaire is, progressives hate them, they don’t believe anybody needs to have billions of dollars to themselves when there are people who can’t afford lunch or dinner. But for a while, Elon was appreciated, he was concerned about the climate and wanted to make real change for the future generations. Elon invested billions into space travel, with hopes of being able to take humans to another planet and spread humanity. His quirky, introverted personality created a personal bond with his fans, he was always working and looking for ways to improve the future. 

Since being booed off stage, Elon posted a poll on Twitter, asking users if he should step down as the CEO of the company. After 24 hours of the poll being up, 17.5 million people voted, 57% of voters said yes, 43% said no. Time will tell whether Elon will actually step down, but he stated in the tweet he will do whatever the results tell him. He did purchase the company for around $44 billion dollars, so it is likely he would only step down as CEO and maintain ownership. After all, he is the CEO of multiple other companies, and is unable to dedicate all of his time to Twitter alone. 

The second half of 2022 has been a ride for Elon, while there are plenty of people that dislike him, 43% of 17 million voters believe he is doing a fine job as the CEO. The loud boo’s from Chapelle’s show echo feelings coming from the surrounding area of Twitter headquarters, not all of America.

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