North Korea Fires Ballistic Missiles Within Range of Japan

By Wyatt Carvalho

North Korea has test-fired 2 missiles with a range to potentially hit Japan on Sunday. These launches were performed 2 days after North Korea claimed to begin creating more powerful missile launchers, with the capability of hitting U.S. soil. They traveled 310 miles at a maximum altitude of 340 miles, in which they landed between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. 

The Japanese Vice Defense Minister, Toshiro Ino, called North Korea out for threatening the safety of Japan. Even so, the U.S. commitments to the defense of South Korea and Japan remain strong, as stated by the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, a government branch responsible for the usage of militia in the Pacific Ocean. It’s believed that this missile can travel 745-1,200 miles if it’s launched normally, which is in range to strike multiple critical facilities in Japan. This Friday, Japan announced a new national security strategy, to carry out preemptive strikes and double its military spending, which allows a more offensive footing against its hostile neighbors, both North Korea and China. 

North Korea seems to be doing this in order to combat the military training that Japan has been undergoing, as they see this not as a defensive maneuver but a planned invasion routine. The military training is strictly defensive, however, showing no signs of aggression. North Korea has risked showing off too much power, and negotiations are underway.

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