Man Killed Protecting Waitress During Vallejo Robbery

By Kaden Scharnow

A man is being hailed a hero after being shot and killed saving a waitress from a robbery recently. Retired marine veteran Bob Sundin, a regular at the Scotty’s Restaurant in Vallejo, was posted at his usual spot, making sure waitress Teresa Brasher got into the restaurant safe when a hooded man on a scooter sped up to her, pointing at her purse. Brasher got back into her car, but the assailant didn’t leave. That’s when Sundin jumped out of his truck to help. There was a struggle as Sundin tried to get away from the man, and that’s when the assailant shot. When authorities arrived, Sundin was pronounced dead at the scene. 

“It just shocked me to the core. I literally like just fainted, passed out. I couldn’t believe the shock. It’s just so, so tragic. A human life taken for no reason,” said May Ung, Scotty’s Restaurant owner. Ung, Brasher, and others are calling the murder ‘senseless’ as police continue to search for the killer. According to family and friends, Sundin was a generous and gregarious man, and this act only proved his selflessness. “Bob was a true hero of the world,” said Rev. Eric Lura of the First Assembly of God church in Fairfield, where Sundin was a minister and former deacon. “He out volunteered everyone in the church, by a long shot. If he saw a need, he didn’t need permission, he just did what he could to help” said Lura. 

Scotty’s hosted a “Breakfast for Bob” event to honor the beloved hero. They also set up a GoFundMe account to help support the Sundin Family. Brasher remembers her savior fondly, commenting “He’s my guardian angel. He is always going to be forever in my heart,” Just goes to show that the world still has kindness over evil, and heroes over villains. 

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