Massive Snow Storm Disrupts Texas

By Lauren Dulatre

Ever since January 21, 2023, Texas has been facing a triple threat storm that has been bringing ice, sleet and snow. Parts of the central and south US, including Texas, have been prompting officials to close roads and schools while also telling citizens to avoid traveling in these dangerous conditions. 

The icy weather has disrupted many citizens’ lives in Texas by making roads slick and slippery for any forms of transportation to be used. The storm, along with the accumulation of snow and ice it brought with it, might not only make roads more dangerous to drive on, but also cause tree damage and power outages. 

According to Texas police, Texas’s slippery roads and dangerous conditions have caused over 300 road accidents and more than 100 people getting injured after slipping on ice all in the span of a week. Police also reported two deaths have been reported, one due to a 10-car pile up, and the other’s car being flipped over due to the slippery roads. 

The conditions in Texas will not calm down soon, as National Weather Service reported, Texas will face another round of snow storms throughout the first week of February. “Please proceed with extreme caution especially on overpasses and bridges if you must travel,” said the National Weather Service. 

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