Woman Charged of the Murder of Her ‘Lookalike’

By Lauren Dulatre

A family tragedy, a missing woman, and a body found in a car by her parents, stabbed multiple times. A 23 year old woman who was presumed to be missing, instead found a ‘look-a-like’ on Instagram and proceeded to kill her with her friend to stage her own death and ‘start a new life’, said prosecutors and police in Bavaria. 

The body of the victim was identified as a 23-year-old Algerian woman that was not named due to German privacy laws. As the body was taken in for a DNA analysis and an autopsy revealed that the body was not the missing woman, but instead a different woman that looked “striking similar” to her. 

Officials were able to track down the suspect in a Kosovan man’s apartment, said police. The German-Iraqi woman and the Kosovan man were then arrested on August 18th for the suspicion of murder. “Investigators now assume that the suspect wanted to go into hiding due to family problems and faked her death,” said an official, “The suspects came up with the plan to search online for a woman who looked similar to the German-Iraqi, kill her, and place her in such a way that the corpse would be mistaken for the suspect.”

The suspect was a beauty blogger and an Instagram influencer, who searched on social media for women who looked just like her and tried to “persuade them with false promises to meet her,” said an official. 

On January 26th and 27th the district of Ingolstadt court issued murder arrest warrants for both suspects, and so far police have interviewed several women whom the suspect contacted as part of their investigation. 

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