The Cold Case Of Karen Moore Has Finally Been Solved After 22 Years

By Hannah Lozada

On June 27, 2001, a mother by the name of Karen Moore would disappear from Davie, Florida. Moore vanished along with her 1999 Saturn Sedan. Since her disappearance, she had never been heard from again. On the same day, she didn’t pick up her 7-year-old daughter, Christina Baber, from a girl scout camp, and didn’t inform anybody to pick her up. Moore left behind her car’s license plate, “D00THU,” at her workplace, which is also missing. She used to work as a nurse back in 2001. She had several restraining orders against her husband and was planning a divorce. Police suspected that foul play was involved in her case because of the suspicious circumstances revolving around her disappearance. No information or leads were provided for this case for 22 years. This would all change when two divers discovered Karen Moore’s sedan stuck in a pond. 

Britain Lockhart, a YouTuber from the channel Depths of History dedicates his time to search unknown waters to discover treasures and clues to identify missing people. Lockhart worked with Mike Sullivan, the founder of Sunshine State Sonar Search Team, to dive ponds and lakes in Broward County. They both volunteered to dive these waters to help mourning families find closure. When they dove into a pond around Davie Road and Nova Drive in Davie, Florida, they would crack a 22-year-old cold case. 

They used a Sonar (A system that emits sound waves to detect anything underwater) that discovered the upside down wheels of a Sedan stuck in the pond. The Sedan belonged to Karen Moore, the 53-year-old mother who vanished with it back in 2001. 

When Lockhart observed the car, he mentioned that the license plate was covered in “3 feet of muck.”

According to an article published by WSVN, (A television station located in Miami, Florida) Sullivan stated that, “This was before Publix was even built, so she ended up there during the construction phase of when that pond was being dug out.” Publix is basically a supermarket, and Moore ended up in the pond while it was being dug out during construction. 

Davie police took the car out of the water and detectives verified that Karen Moore’s remains were in the car. 

Christina Baber, Karen Moore’s daughter finally received some closure to her mother’s case. Baber stated in an interview on WSVN, “She was always so dedicated to me. Every free moment that she got we were always going to do stuff, like going to the zoo. Everything was always centered around making sure I had the best childhood possible.” This would all end on June 27, 2001, when Baber had returned home from a girl scout camp when she was eight years old. Baber stated, “I arrived home on her birthday, which was June 27. She did not come to pick me up. She wasn’t there.” 

“I think it’s wonderful what they’re doing to bring closure to people like myself. I get to bring her home, and that means everything,” Baber concluded in an interview on WSVN. 

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