An “Eggs-stravagant” Heist: 200,000 Cadbury Eggs Stolen

By Paige Duane

A man who allegedly broke into an industrial park in Telford, England and stole roughly 200,000 chocolate eggs has just pleaded guilty to theft and criminal damage charges. 

Prosecutors revealed that using a metal grinder, 32 year old Joby Pool managed to break through the gate at an industrial park. Stowing the goods in a stolen semi-truck, Pool drove off with 200,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs, worth up to $38,000.

Shortly after the heist, police stopped the truck on the highway. Pool was then arrested under suspicion of theft. According to prosecutor Owen Beale, Pool put up little resistance to law enforcers and “walked towards the police with his hands up. He was arrested and the load was recovered.” 

The theft had been premeditated and Pool had previously been convicted on accounts of theft. He pled guilty to the theft of the trailer, theft of the chocolate, and damage done to the industrial park gate. 

The police responsible for arresting Pool credit themselves with having “saved Easter”, narrowly avoiding a major sweet shortage leading up to the holiday.

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