The Shamrock Shake is Back!

By Paige Duane

The weather is getting warmer, college decisions are being released, and the school year is beginning to ramp down. However, arguably the most important change is the return of a classic McDonald’s treat: the shamrock shake. Fans everywhere rejoice at the annual comeback of the favorite frosty drink. 

“I love shamrock shakes,” one student  commented when asked her opinion on the seasonal beverage. “February and March are the worst months of the year and shamrock shakes are the one thing that gets me through.” 

Having returned just last week, the shakes were officially released on Saturday, February 18. This is in addition to the other St. Patrick’s Day themed dessert, the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry. The menu items are priced at $3.69 and $6.79 respectively. 

The shamrock shake and Mcflurry won’t be back for long. Typically, they stop being sold shortly after St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure to get one while they last! 

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