Seniors Prepare For A Fast-Approaching Prom

By Staff

Sound the alarms… it’s prom season, so grab your wallets, already exhausted friends, and most uncomfortable pair of shoes! This year’s prom will be held in San Francisco at the Galleria, a far cry from the hilly outdoor venue we saw last year in Vacaville, and a return to normalcy as COVID regulations die down. 

But the event is approaching fast, and students don’t have much time to prepare. Valentina Dovermora tells me she still has many things left to figure out: “I have to get my nails done around the day before, I’ll be getting a dress but I have to figure out what color, and I still need to figure out transportation.” Niah Madigan still also has the most stressful task left: dress shopping. 

Sometimes ranked even higher on the list of stressors is the cost. Sara Bazan describes her dress as, “dark red with sparkles,” but continues with, “It was way too expensive. I owe my mom a mortgage.” I did not inquire further about the price because I would not like the poorer folks (myself) who haven’t gotten their outfits yet (also me) to feel discouraged. 

But what are students excited for? For Jillian D’Ambrosi, it’s seeing “people in pretty dresses,” (the kind of excitement that only comes when you’ve seen people in pajamas every day of the year.) For Peter Hurst it’s the venue. “It’s a three-story building and in San Francisco!” But for Zachary Olsson the dance holds a little more value. “I’m excited because I’m flying out my girlfriend for it.” Tell me, is there a better place to hold a romantic reunion than at an elegant event? 

Some people’s excitement reaches further than what prom offers: Ava Jameson says she’s most excited for the after party. 

I also talked with Greta Henning, the senior class president of the committee that pulled the whole affair together: leadership. 

Can you tell me about your outfit? 

“For my outfit I ordered a pink, flowy, layered dress from Anthro, and it’s in back order so I’m really hoping it’ll fit cause it’s gonna cut it close to the date. I’m not sure about shoes, but I’ll probably choose something gold.”

What are you excited about?

“I’m excited for the chance to dance with my friends one last time and see everyone all dolled up!”

As a member of leadership, what was preparing for prom like? 

“Preparing for prom this year wasn’t as bad as last year because we were able to go through an event coordinator. But, we were struggling to pick a theme that could please everyone, and we’re worried about the price. We tried to find a solution to bring costs down, but it wasn’t easy and there really wasn’t much we could do by ourselves.”

What do you hope people will think when they attend? 

“I think the people will be pleased with everything, especially the seniors because it’ll be in SF. I just hope people come with an open mind and realize that we did what we could, and that we try to please as many students as possible. But I hope everyone likes it and has a great time dancing one last time together.” 

Prom marks the end of the year, and for the senior class, the end of high school. It really is the last time we’ll get to dance together, so make the best of it and have fun!

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