Benicia High Student Wins Speakers Contest

By Wyatt Cravalho

Recently 5 of our exceptional performers from the Speech and Debate club presented at the Student Speakers Contest, sponsored by the Benicia Lions Club. Among them was Michael Delgado, who won the contest. His prize was a partial scholarship for college. The Students Speakers Contest is an international contest, promoted to encourage students and teenagers to learn valuable speaking skills and show the importance of public speaking. 

Student winner Michael Delgado said that he’s “…very thankful for the opportunity and all the organizers who made it possible.” His speech was wonderfully made, showing how social media truly separates us, creating walls instead of breaking them down. The speeches were weighted on originality and the main point, while being supported by their evidence, conclusion, speaking ability, effort, persuasiveness and relation to the topic. 

The Benicia Lions Club President, James Baldwin, was impressed by how well the students articulated their arguments, and how their ability to speak persuaded the judges. Michele Gaines, the Debate Coach for Benicia High School said that she “…works with high schoolers because things that shape their lives during these years can be transformative and far-reaching. I want those things to be positive and challenging and offer the chance for growth.” Delgado has the chance to compete at district and state levels, and has been given the opportunity to get scholarships worth $10,000. Overall, this has become a big achievement for the members of Benicia High who took place in the contest, gaining valuable experience. Congratulations to Delgado once again, with his fantastic speech on how social media influences us.

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