Ways to Combat Teachers Most Used Lines and Rules

By Staff

Understandably, teachers expect a decent amount from us students in regards to behavior and following rules in high school. However, it is a little too much. To top it off, teachers will typically scold their students when their rules are broken too often or they are not pleased with our behavior overall. Therefore, I have created a set of strategies to combat teachers’ most used lines and rules to help students dominate.       

The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do

Disrespecting our teachers is the last thing that we as scholarly students would want to do. Therefore, we need to abide by this very rule. A way we could approach this is to bring our own little bells to ring when we would like to leave class. Not only will this make your teachers feel respected due to following their number one rule, but this will also make your classmates love you for allowing them to get out of class early. Everyone wins with this strategy and zero disrespect was used. 

No Plagiarism

This one is valid since plagiarism is unfair to the ones you plagiarized off of. Taking credit for other people’s work is no laughing matter. However, sometimes it is difficult to come up with your own work. For example, when you are writing an essay and you have no clue what to write. Something that you can do is copy and paste an article or essay that best aligns with the topic of your essay prompt and put quotes around the entire thing and cite it properly (do not forget this part or else you will get in trouble). Then, write “This summarizes my point perfectly” and hit submit. Now, you have a long, well thought out essay that matches your prompt and it is much less work.

I’ll Wait

We’ve all heard it before. When the class is a little too talkative the teacher stands in the front of the class and says, “I’ll wait” until it gets a little quieter. A way to combat this is to excitedly say “Thanks [insert teacher’s name here]” and continue your conversation. The teacher gave you permission whether they meant to or not. Take advantage of that. 

Lectures After Having a Sub

We’ve all experienced it. The teacher comes in after there had just been a substitute teacher sounding extremely disappointed. They scold the class about how when they are gone they should not have to worry about how their students are behaving. Well, we as students can mention how blatantly awful it was to be left with (for some) a complete stranger. It is only expected that we as humans act out in situations where we feel threatened. Of course, having a random stranger replace our teacher is one of those situations. We are left wondering when the teacher will be back and why the sub is sitting at our teacher’s desk watching us. How else are we supposed to act if not just a little bit out of line?

No Using the Internet On Tests

For some odd reason, most teachers consider using the internet to help us out on tests “cheating.” Little do they realize that students can simply bring up how this is actually contradictory to what most of them teach in regards to having us always get help when we are stuck on our work. They stress “ask questions” and “get help”, but are disappointed when we ask questions (to google) and get help (from google) on tests. Some people will just never be pleased. 

Turn In Your Work On Time

Sure this is an important life skill to learn in the long run, but sometimes we students slip up and have to turn in an assignment, or twenty, late. This truly can be frustrating considering we actually have lives outside of our classes. Not to mention, we have four to six assignments to deal with. Therefore, nearly all of us have turned in at least a couple assignments late. So how can we handle it when a teacher gets mad at us for it? Well, we can smoothly mention how we actually have lives. It may not sound like the biggest comeback, but some don’t realize that most teachers actually believe that we eat, sleep, and breathe schoolwork. Therefore, they will probably be surprised. 

Do Not Be Late to Class

Similar to turning in work on time, most of us have been late to class at least once. Some of us have teachers that have a major issue with this (something about you can’t be late to your job when you get older; I’m not really sure). Well, you can take this opportunity to ask them not to make their class begin so early. I mean seriously! What’s up with starting class at 2:38 pm? I won’t even get into the classes that start earlier than that. Did you know 98.7% of teens ages 13-18 in America don’t wake up until 3 pm (no need to fact check this). How will we ever be able to grow into highly successful adults if we have to get up so early and be sleep deprived? The education system just expects far too much of us. 

Do not be afraid to combat your teachers’ most used lines and rules. The worst that will happen is that you’ll get detention or no college recommendations from them. On the flip side, the best that could happen is…well…you may feel satisfied with your response.

This article is in the Faux Paw category meaning that I am not actually serious about anything here. Please respect your teachers and all their rules and do not take any of my advice regarding ways to combat your teachers’ most used lines and rules. They work hard and deserve your full attention during class. If you have an issue, just communicate it with them and resolve it peacefully. Thank you for reading. 

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