Discount Denied: The Struggle for Workplace Benefits at [redacted]

By Staff

As heat continues to rise, the public demands answers to the long standing question; what is stopping Kiley (named changed for anonymity) from getting their discount? It has been nearly two months since they have started working at [redacted], a chain widely known for a variety of goods. More importantly though, they are known for their 10% discount employees receive.

New to the workforce, it can be reasoned that Kiley cannot get the discount themself and must be assisted by management. This student claims that this is definitely caused by the fact that “no one is willing to help,” and their higher ups are “just too busy.” They specifically emphasized that it certainly is not because “[they are] just too lazy.”

“I don’t think that Kiley has even asked once,” claimed Hicheal Mughes, a colleague of Kiley’s whose real name will be kept anonymous. He brings into question the validity of Kiley’s statement, after all, they may have had their fingers crossed while giving their story. This is in direct contrast to Kiley’s claim that they are not too lazy, and if Mughes’ suggestion holds truth, who knows what else Kiley may be lying about?

Granted, who’s to say the Mughes himself is not attempting to sabotage Kiley’s image? After all, there is no evidence to suggest that Mughes is not conspiring alongside [redacted] and plotting schemes to prevent Kiley from receiving the discount.

With such contradictory statements, we are only left with more questions. Is the management staff at [redacted] truly conspiring against Kiley, or is Kiley simply too lazy to talk to them? And who, if anyone, can be trusted?

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