Taylor Swift Releases Four New Songs

By Paige Duane

On March 16, 2023, Taylor Swift announced on Instagram that she was releasing four new songs. One is a rerecording from her album “Speak Now”. A bonus track from her third album, “If This Was a Movie”, is the second least listened to song on Speak Now, making it a strange choice for a single. Still, it is a favorite for many fans for its catchy chorus and lyrics. Also notable is the fact that it is the only song on Speak Now written with a co-writer. Could this be an easter egg that Speak Now Taylor’s Version will be the next album she rerecords? 

Two other songs being rereleased are “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open”, both singles from the Hunger Games soundtrack. Recently, the Hunger Games franchise has experienced a pop culture resurgence with #hungergames trending on social media for the first time in years. With all four movies on Netflix and a prequel film on the way, the series is more relevant than ever. By rereleasing two songs that she wrote for the original trilogy, Swift could be teasing that she wrote more original songs for the prequel movie, “Ballad of Song Birds and Snakes”. 

The fourth song is “All of the Girls”, a vault track from the “Lover” album. Earlier this year, “All of the Girls” was leaked on social media. The reception of it was widely positive, with many fans wishing that it had been officially released. This all-new song is the most eagerly anticipated amongst the four.

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