Jeremy Renner Shows His Recovery by Walking on a Treadmill

By Frankie Dulatre

Ever since January 2, 2023, Jeremy Renner has been recovering from a snow plow incident that broke more than thirty bones in his body and after a just-released video, from his Instagram account, it shows he is getting better. During his recovery he has been posting on his Instagram account, saying how he is blessed from the amount of support he has been receiving from the 20+ million fans that follow his account and close friends from films he has been in. 

In the video it is shown that Renner has been using an anti-gravity treadmill, which according to a Running Physio site, “features a bubble that inflates with air, then surrounds the user’s lower body. This gently lifts them off the treadmill which reduces pressure on the lower body”. There are other posts on his Instagram account that show him going through physical therapy and how easily he is going through it. 

“Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will,” said Renner. 

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