Superbloom In Norcal

By: Kelly Bjornstad 

In addition to  this spring’s dangerous weather and record-setting rainfall has come a super bloom in Northern California. ABC7 News mentions that a trip to Mount Tamalpais State Park, China Camp State Park, Trione-Annadel State Park, or Sugarloaf Ridge State Park will give you access to sites on the Super Bloom! California poppy flowers, dandelions, ithuriel spears, and white milkmaids (among others) are just some of the main flowers you might be seeing. Stretches of Orange, white, and purple can be found sprawled over Norcal’s hills this spring. 

Shasta College Instructor Lemimone Waite explains “A super bloom is where flower seeds that have lain dormant in the desert, sometimes for many years, all bloom at the same time,” And really, you should take advantage of this event! It’s not every year we get a chance to drive 45 minutes out and see such a beautiful display of wildflowers growing all at the same time. The San Francisco Standard writes “The event, which last happened in 2019, creates cascades of native flowers in regions across California, turning rolling hills and valleys rainbow-colored.” It’s been 4 years since the last super bloom, and could be another 4 years before we see it again! So get out there! 

Remember to be cautious, though. The beautiful flowers we’re seeing in the superbloom are fragile. Be sure to tread lightly, especially with this year’s super bloom attracting a good amount of visitors. Hillary Colyer, an interpreter with Mt Tamalpais State Park told ABC 7 News “Many of our wildflowers are very sensitive to soil disruption and trampling so it’s very important you stay on trails so we don’t doom the bloom,”

All of this is to say: Get out and go appreciate the superbloom. Remember to be  respectful and not disrupt the surrounding environment too much.Go enjoy one of spring’s perks!

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