The Mystery Behind This Spotify Account, “blondead”

by Liam Rockwell

Frank Ocean is known for having a strong fanbase, but he is also known for keeping his fanbase starving. His last album, Blonde, was released in August of 2016, almost seven years ago. That was during the Obama administration! And while he has released some singles since then, they just haven’t settled his fanbase’s empty stomachs. 

And so, many of his fans have taken notice of possible new activity from a Spotify account called “blondead”, who has been releasing music in the style of Frank Ocean, with a voice that sounds like Frank Ocean, and with each single featuring a photo of Frank Ocean. Many are believing that this account is, in fact, Frank Ocean leaking old unreleased music. Others believe that this account is actually new music, and that Frank is releasing some singles from a different account to build intrigue around his name, and that “blondead” is the beginning of an album rollout.

Another possibility is that “blondead” isn’t Frank at all. This account may be just some random person leaking unreleased music, although the sonic quality of the “blondead” singles is much higher than that of most fan-leaked music. What’s more likely is that it’s a separate artist who is a huge fan of and extremely inspired by Frank Ocean and is sonically/vocally similar to him. If so, it’s a smart approach for them to get their music out there, as it has been garnering attention through the intrigue as to whether or not it is Frank Ocean. It’s also pretty genius timing if this is the case, as Frank Ocean has been trending following Coachella, which he headlined. 

At the end of the day, only time will tell the true nature of  “blondead.”

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