The Dungeons & Dragons Movie: An Unexpected Hit

by Caleb Rippee

Game movies are one tough nut to crack. Filmmakers and writers are tasked with somehow capturing the emotions and experiences of countless hours of gameplay in only a few hours. They somehow have to condense thousands of unique player experiences into one film, and hope to reach as many people as possible with it. More often than not, they fail. Whether they fail to capture what exactly about the game players love or just mishandle the material and carelessly dissect and rearrange a delicate and beloved franchise, it is clear that making a Dungeons and Dragons movie would be quite an uphill battle. 

Despite all this, the movie was surprisingly well received by both critics and audiences alike. It receives mostly positive scores, especially on Rotten Tomatoes where it received a 90% critic score and a 93% audience score, making it a very successful film in terms of ratings. The original budget for the film was 150 Million and the box office return has seens a solid profit of 28 millions dollars, with the film grossing over 178 million.

It’s uncertain whether the studio will use this momentum to turn the films into a franchise, but it is quite clear that both critics and audiences are loving the film.

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