Check Out the City of Benicia’s Newsletter Today

By Ethan Percival 

Want to stay updated on the latest news and events in the City of Benicia? The City of Benicia Newsletter offers a wide variety of information regarding all of these subjects. An updated newsletter is released every week with the details on upcoming events, updates on various city projects, and more. 

In addition to important information on political, economic, and social issues taking place within the city. This week’s edition included information on the underemployment in the Benicia Police Department. The most important subjects can be found at the beginning of the newsletter and are covered in a message written by the City Manager, meaning readers are given the most direct and up to date information.

The newsletter also can contain warnings or alerts on any potential endangering conditions that Benicia residents may face. For example, the May 1st edition included ways to reduce flood risks and a link to a Building Safety Division offering readers the option to learn more about flooding risks and assistance programs to help residents recover from flood damage to their property. 

If you are interested in reading more about the Benicia Newsletter, you can find the link to the City of Benicia Website at:

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