Benicia High’s Final Newsletter of the Year Gets Us Ready For Summer

By Riley Pult

As the school year comes to a close, Mrs. K sent out our last newsletter for the 2022-2023 school year. It’s filled with tons of helpful information to wrap up the year. 

The first message in the newsletter raises awareness of mental health. May is mental health awareness month and BHS is working to observe it by offering resources to students and providing many activities in the wellness center. They’ll have movies, art, and much more. 

During the month the school has also been offering incentive’s students to have perfect attendance. It’s no secret that senioritis is hitting hard, even for students who haven’t even hit senior year. Attendance is important and this is the school’s way of encouraging Panthers to make it to class. There is the blue level and the gold level. The blue level students have” perfect attendance to all days of school and all class periods. Not a single class period missed, with the exception of excusal with a medical note or for bereavement.” They’ll receive one raffle entry that can either get them graduation tickets or a free homecoming ticket for the 2023 school year depending on your grade level. The gold level is for students who have “perfect attendance to all days of school and all class periods, AND not tardy to a single class all month.” These students receive 2 entries into the raffle.

End of the month activities include the finals week schedule. Monday is Memorial Day, so there is no school. Tuesday is a regular day, Wednesday is finals for periods 1 and 2, Thursday is finals for periods 3 and 4, and Friday is finals for periods 5 and 6. For seniors, after their last final there will be graduation practice at Drolette Stadium to practice for the day after. June 3rd is graduation day for 2023 seniors. The ceremony begins at 10:00 am. If you can get your hands on tickets, make sure to get there to celebrate the students! And if you can’t make it, the event will be live-streamed. 

Many students also took part in AP testing at the beginning of the month, and an important reminder is that those scores will be coming out in early July. 

June 1st is also the deadline for the NFHS High School Essay Contest. The “essay contest is designed to encourage conversations about hazing and hazing prevention at the high school level.” There’s still time to get it done, the recommendation is 500 to 600 words and the topic is  “How can I make a difference against hazing?” The prices range from $500 to $150 depending on what place you get. 

Between June 26-August 18th the American Debate League is hosting a virtual camp for speech and debate. The morning sessions are from 9-12 am and the afternoon session is 1-4 pm. The program also offers scholarships for students. This is a great activity for debate students or students interested in debate to broaden their scope on the subject. Not to mention, it looks great on college applications! 

Some other programs taking pace are summer youth programs at the American Red Cross, girls in Robotics Leadership camps, and Solano College Industrial Robotics boot camp. There’s tons of opportunities over summer for students to continue pursuing academics. If any of these camps interest you, make sure to check out the link below for more information.

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