The Olympics! …Are Next Year, But Paris Is Preparing 

By Staff

While the Olympics may not be happening until 2024, for the city that is hosting, they must prepare beforehand. Cities must have the infrastructure and economic stability to be able to hold an event as large as the Olympics. The event will take place between July 26- August 11 2024 in Paris, France. It is the largest event that has ever been hosted in France. 

Something special that the city of Paris is doing during the Olympics has to do with the marathon route. According to the Paris 2024 website, the women’s Olympic marathon will take place after the men’s marathon on the last day of the event. This is the first time in the history of the Olympics that the women’s marathon will run after the men’s event. Sports historian, Florence Carpentier says, “holding the women’s marathon after the men’s event, bringing the Games to a close, is hugely symbolic.” The marathon will also go through parts of where the Women’s March on Versailles happened on 5 October, 1789.

Some famous partners of the game that Americans will be familiar with are Airbnb, Coca-Cola, and Samsung. There will be a total of 329 events happening with 206 nations joining in Paris for the event. Newest events being added to the 2024 Olympics include breakdancing, sport climbing, skateboarding, and surfing.

“Blue, red, green and purple, with symbols alluding to the French art de vivre and iconic locations in France” will be seen throughout the entirety of the event. The aesthetic of the games is meant to be vibrant yet tasteful. Given that Paris is recognized for its style and sophistication, it is not surprising that the event will maintain a certain aesthetic.

The games also look to “fulfill four aims”: celebrate sport, sense of style, sustainable, and customisable. To celebrate the sport they look to have “colorful visual identity” and bring life to the games. The sense of style of the games is inspired by “art deco”. If you’re not familiar with this aesthetic, think Great Gatsby. Paris is also looking to keep sustainability one of the main priorities. This is appropriate with the way the world is moving in order to combat climate change. Finally, the customisable look is for all of France. It will “be adapted for host cities and partners”. 

Overall, the Paris 2024 Olympics are looking to make history and bring the world to France!

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