5 Steps to Find Your Dream College

By Beau Cline

Deciding on which college you want to attend can be a very tough and even frightening process. How can you choose from the hundreds of different options out there? How do you know which one will suit you best? Well, there’s a few distinct approaches that can help you out today, we’ll outline 5 of the most effective techniques to help you out.

The first step you should take is a self-assessment of your interests, values, and different goals you want to achieve. You should think about what subjects or fields of study you’re interested in, what your preferred learning environment is, and your career aspirations.

Now you can start your research on different colleges that align with your interests, and goals from the previous section. Look into their different academic programs, majors offered, facilities, extracurricular activities, location, and campus culture. You can also explore their online websites, and brochures to gather more information on the experience.

Another essential step is to make sure you consider the financial aspects that come with college. Evaluate the costs to attend each school. These prices can be affected by research tuition fees, available scholarships, extra financial aid opportunities, and cost of living in that area. Review all the different financial packages that they offer to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Finally you’re getting to the fun steps, this is when you should start checking for campus visits and campus tours. If possible get an in person tour to fully experience the college and its facilities. If you can’t get an in person tour many virtual tours exist now that are very in depth.

A helpful extra step you can take is to try and reach out to current students, former alumni, and college professors. This can provide a valuable insight that otherwise would have been hidden to you, as all these people have had their own experiences at the school. Finding these people might be a challenge if you don’t directly know them, but there’s plenty of ways to reach them using online forums and social media platforms.

This process can at times seem overwhelming, but at the end of the day, you must realize there’s so many options out there nowadays. Don’t feel like you need to follow one path because that’s what everyone else is doing. Follow your passion, wherever that takes you will be where you thrive most.

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