Graduation! Finally! Now What?

By Ethan Percival

Well Seniors, we’re here. After 12 long years, we’re finally made it to the end of our senior year of high school. It’s still kind of hard to believe that graduation is nearly here–it’s a little frightening, and a little exciting at the same time. For many, the end of their high school education marks the beginning of their future education endeavors, as they begin college or a community college to follow their passions, engage in higher learning, and find their dream jobs. Others will begin work immediately after high school, some will join the military. And then there are those who remain unsure of the future, who have yet to find their calling, who feel a little lost.

This article is not going to chastise anyone who feels as such (as the person authoring this article feels equally unsure of their future too), but to reassure them that they don’t need to have their entire future planned immediately upon exiting high school. In a poll, conducted by Colorado State University Global, 34% of the respondents both high school and college graduates, admitted to not planning for their future with 41% responding that they didn’t have a job lined up after graduation. 

Sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back and reassess your life goals. Some use this period to travel, others continue researching possible career choices. Just do what you feel will help you understand your aspirations for the future. Here are a few tips if you are having trouble figuring out your future:

  • Applying to a college: I know that applying to college may seem counterintuitive, if you are wanting to give yourself time to figure out what you want to do with your future; however, it never hurts to apply to a college and see if you get in. Plus, you don’t have to immediately decide on what degree you want to get, this can come about a year or two after you enter college. Even if you get accepted into a school, there is no requirement that you must attend that school. You can always choose to go elsewhere. 
  • Take a break for the year: Now by break, this means take a break from school for a year. But remember! You should try to stay productive this time as well. Make plans to travel the country, find a job, or learn a new skill, just try to keep yourself going. 
  • Get a job in a field of work you are interested in: If you feel that you might be interested in a certain profession, try testing the waters a little to analyze whether this may be a viable career that you would be keen in pursuing. 

Whether you determine that is the best course of action for you, always know that your future is never set in stone, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

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