Restaurants Hate Mother’s Day

On one of the most important days of the year besides family holidays, the parents take their mother’s out to eat on this. Restaurants and the food industry are the busiest on mother’s day. As one of the most heavy days of work of the year. Darron Cardosa claimed in a most recent book “Every server knows that working on Mother’s Day is hell. In fact, if I die and go to hell, I completely expect it to be on Mother’s Day. 365 days a year.” There will be groups of people holding up lines without all of the party together. Then you have people that are there waiting for family. You have people that make reservations in advance but have the tables filled with people. Then the late reservations but they have no tables. Restaurants are going to be packed with people. These coming years are normal as it will be challenging while high inflation and rising menu prices rise. 

The National Retail Federation has shared that Mother’s day spending will have $35.7 billion this year. Last year $5.6 billion was spent only on buying meals or going out. At Breakers in Palm Beach, the circle restaurant is now $250 a person, when it was up to $160 a couple years ago. New Jersey’s McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, brunch there has gone up to $54.95 from $49.95 in 2019.

Having people working on that day is stressful, people are taking their mother’s out, they do not tip their server. While working on this day servers and workers need to be “fed and properly hydrated” and should be given a “combat-duty” bonus – especially the mothers on staff who are working the shift. Server Joe Hley, in Quincy, has a better idea: “Why can’t you people just make your Mom breakfast?”

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