Keeping Busy, Summer 2023

By Kelly Bjornstad 

Summer is just 2 weeks away, and while exciting, the same thing happens every year. You wait for warm weather and no school from August until  June, and then things start to slow down. You might find yourself hot, unmotivated, and bummed that your summer isn’t as exciting as you hoped. Don’t worry! It’s normal to feel a little stagnant in summer months. Here’s some things to get you some fresh air and keep you busy this summer. 

Go for a walk or hike. It doesn’t have to be a difficult, intimidating trek. There are plenty of flat, scenic walks to take under an hour away. Mount Tamalpais, for example, has a couple paths perfect for getting out of the house and moving your body that wont exhaust you into tomorrow! The lookout on Mount Tam’s east peak has got 2 paths to choose from. One a rocky, uphill walk, and the others a flat, wraparound trail. states “In spring, Mount Tam comes alive with wildflowers. Hillsides are sprinkled with brightly colored California poppies, lupines, Douglas irises, goldfields and shooting stars.” With California  on the back-end of a superbloom, so go see the sights!

Treat yourself! Go buy your favorite meal or snack and enjoy it. Maybe challenge yourself to finding the best of whatever that is in the area. Maybe it’s a sundae or cheesecake or popsicle. Devote the summer months to (intermittently) find the best meal in Benicia, San Francisco, Vallejo, Sacramento, Berkeley etc. Keep a notebook where you rate each location on a scale you’ve made up, and find your favorite spots!

Go see some live music. Download ticket master and find someone you like that’s performing near you. Concert tickets can be expensive, but some can be pretty affordable. Depending on where you’re sitting and who you are seeing, tickets can be around or below $40.  It might be worth it to go have a night to you and your friends listening to one of your favorite musicians. Digital Music News site a study conducted by O2 and Goldsmith University Associate Lecturer Patrick Fagan. They write “According to the study, experiencing a gig for just 20 minutes can result in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being. Furthermore, the research found a direct link between ‘high levels of well-being and a lifespan increase of nine years’ or more.”

Lastly, get a summer job. If working doesn’t sound appealing to you, a little extra money in your pocket might. Especially if you’re a graduating senior, it’s a good idea to save some cash now for when you’re out living on your own, eating out all the time and buying whatever it is you need to stay afloat. Or, at least, work so that you can go out and have some fun this summer. The last thing you want is for your summer activities to be stunted. Get on Indeed, Ziprecruiter, or ask your parents to spread the word! While kids are home this summer and parents are out working, there’ll definitely be a surplus of babysitting jobs around town. 

Summer is whatever you make of it. Don’t let it be a summer that passes you by, try to keep busy and have fun for these couple months of warm weather and no school! 

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