Mysterious buyer bought entire california’s ghost town Eagle Mountain for $22.5 million

By Dominic Hernandez

 On the edges of the yellow flats of the Joshua Tree National Park, a ghost town lies in California’s deserted area, Eagle Mountain. An anonymous buyer is adding more reason to go there after buying it mysteriously. This location was once a small oasis with about 4,000 residents. This location was used in search of iron ore. Each of the residents employed were used by either blasting, shoveling and more in the mines, due to its fantastic start in the beginning of its finds of iron ore. In a short couple years, the outcomes of finding ore got worse which made it harder for its residents to live there any longer until the area no longer had money to support themselves in Eagle Mountain. 

The previous owner of the town mentioned that it had been a regular sighting . A “for sale” sign at the town’s entrance promising rock products and minerals may have been answered. Found on the site of SFGATE, the property was bought on April 17 for $22.5 million. Few people still live in that ghost town just watching the private Eagle mountain. Kids here and there would ride on their bicycles playing chicken or go into a ghost town to see what it’s like, later find out that there are armed foremen shooting the sky with their loaded shotguns ready to dispose of trespassers of the premise.

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