17 Year Old Shot in Robbery Gone Wrong  in LA

By Dominic Hernandez

In Koreatown, Los Angeles on April 12th, 10:30 pm an unidentified person went up to a car with two teenagers and pointed a firearm at them, attempting to rob them. 17 year old Dylan Martinez was hit by bullets when his younger brother was trying to get them out of danger from the man with the firearm. The victim’s brother, 16 year old Alejandro Castro, was in the driver’s seat. In a panic, he stepped on the gas as the suspect started firing on the two brothers. Dylan was caught in the line of fire and was pronounced “dead at the scene” by Officers that attempted to perform life-saving actions to save him. His family became concerned when he did not come home Tuesday evening. After an attempt of calling him the Coroner’s Office delivered the tragic news.

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