3 Misunderstandings About Homeschooling

There are a lot of misunderstandings about homeschooling and its effectiveness on the social, smaller classrooms and educational factor of schooling. But how true are these really?

    One of the largest misunderstandings is that home schooled individuals lack social skills. Homeschooling is “unsocial” compared to public schooling because a homeschool can be smaller than other schools. That said, there are still opportunities for socializing.

    Hamish Dinsdale clarified, “A person’s sociability isn’t really based on their education, or their type of schooling I guess. It’s based on how much effort they want to spend socializing”. Being social is a character trait, not a forced or learned practice.

    The second misunderstanding of homeschooling is smaller classrooms are better than larger classrooms. John Reano (11) stated,“ It might not be such as a disadvantage being in a larger room, because the smaller rooms are more stressful in a sense.” One of the advantages of a small classroom is the one-on-one interactiveness between the student and teacher. A disadvantage is the small classrooms have less students to communicate with, putting all of the pressure on a smaller amount of students.

    FInally, the third misconception is that homeschooling is not academically effective. The effectiveness of schooling from home is more based on the student’s schedule than the actual schooling. For example, if the student has multiple classes in one day, time to get work done is difficult to find. But if the student has one or two classes a day, then they will not be booked on work.

By: Beau Deems

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