The little monsters in people’s pockets see some light

Although the media and authority figures might suggest otherwise, people do not use their phones nearly enough.

One has only to look around to see that almost everyone has a phone. It’s not just a cell phone though. It is a little computer that is small enough to fit in people’s pockets. Before this era, people read the papers, watched tv, and listened to radios. It was their entertainment just like how people have now.

People can use their phones for help in tough and untimely situations, as well as connecting all around the world. From generation to generation people all have their way of staying connected to what is happening around the world. It suppose to make life easier, right?

Here at Benicia High School, kids use their phones all the time. Overall, students are not permitted to use their phones, but some teachers are more lenient than others.

When asked about teenage phone use, Pastor Phil Green, head of detention (I.C.E.), stated, “We have become too attached to the electronic devices, and we don’t have that human touch anymore.”

While this may be true, perhaps we need to redefine how we interact with one another and what it truly means to have a “human touch.”

One thing that the media and other authority figures may say is that ever since the cell phone came out, people are not as social as they used to be. If anything, having cell phones has made people more socially connected by using the apps and being able to talk to anyone, anywhere and anytime. From older websites like Facebook to newer websites like Twitter, people all over the world can feel happy and satisfied that they are able to talk to their friends no matter where they are.

They have even designed apps that are able to help people do their banking or help make paying bills a easier. How can this work in the classroom? Educational apps can (and are) helping students all over the world with their school work. When they are confused, the app(s) provides help and tips.

For example, at Benicia High, Mr.Kaiser, the robotics teacher, has gone through many of the apps and mentioned a few that he likes. He gave examples like Google Classroom, Wolfram Alfa.

Mr.Kaiser commented on the phone policy, “I like that it is up to the teacher because in my class we use them and i like that idea of just being there when we need them”.

Many teachers are posting their assignments online with technology like Google Classroom so students can stay organized. Schools all around the country are also changing their school into a “google school” where all the apps that we use are connected with google.

If a person has ever needed a video to teach them something because they are more of a visual learner, like the graphing calculator in which it helps you see the graph and numbers.. If a person has ever made a wrong turn and the next thing they know they’re lost in the middle of nowhere, Google maps should help you with that.People may say that phones are slowly taking over the world, yet the things people use them for are limitlessly useful.

New ideas are coming out every year along with the new phones. What will they have next for the world? The imagination and things that portable electronics will be able to do are limitless.

By: Taylor Souza

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